Andrew Paget

Building Code and Zoning Specialist

Andrew Paget’s education and previous work experience have provided ideal preparation for his role as building code and zoning consultant at KM Associates. After earning a bachelor’s degree in fire engineering at Letterkenney Institute of Technology in Ireland, Andrew received comprehensive training in architectural design, permit expedition, and the coordination of submission documents as an architectural technologist and a building code consultant in Dublin, Ireland, and Vancouver, Canada.


His work included interpreting the requirements of the building code for projects of various types and sizes—including rapid transit, high-rise residential, community centers, and large malls—and coordinating building and occupancy permit applications. He met with municipal staff and directed clients through the approval process. Andrew has expertise in fire safety computer applications and is up to date with National Fire Protection Association standards. He is known for being a first-rate team player and problem-solver who provides valuable insight.