Celebrating 20 Years of Moving Your Projects Forward

Moving Your Project Forward

KM Associates of New York, Inc., is a highly experienced team of experts who provide building code, zoning law, and expediting services to architects, engineers, construction professionals, developers, and building managers in the New York City metropolitan area.


We know that getting your building project completed in a timely manner is critical to you. Though building in New York is complex, building codes and zoning laws shouldn’t slow you down. As your trusted advisor, our team at KM Associates helps to expedite this process.


We facilitate construction by managing permits and compliance so you can avoid any glitches or downtime. We get you the necessary building permit, certificate of occupancy—whatever you need to get your project moving—promptly and with minimal hassle. We use a proprietary digital tracking system to monitor the status of all projects, saving clients time and money.


Our staff maintains a high level of integrity in all facets of our business, whether working with clients or dealing with city agencies. For more information, call one of our partners, Phil, Vito, Adam, or Axel at (212) 563-6760 or email us at info@kmaofny.com.