June 15, 2017

Eat, Drink, and Know Your Zoning Use Group


Did you know there are different zoning requirements based on the use of an entertainment venue?

These Zoning Use Groups are determined by the project’s location, whether the space is designed for both eating and drinking, and if there will be live music, singing or dancing on premises.


How do I know which Zoning Use Group applies to my project?

The Zoning Resolution has Use Groups for various types of eating or drinking establishments. For example, a karaoke bar is a Use Group 6 because it provides incidental music entertainment either by mechanical devices or by not more than three persons and there is no dancing on premises.


What are some common Zoning Use Groups?

  • Use Group 6: Eating or drinking establishments with entertainment and a capacity of 200 persons or fewer, including those which provide outdoor table service or have music for which there is no cover charge and no specified show time, such as karaoke bars.
  • Use Group 9 or 13: Banquet halls where there is dancing, entertainment and music when such use is contracted between the proprietor and the individual and/or organization who will be inviting guests to a specific function.
  • Use Group 10: Eating or drinking establishments without restrictions on entertainment or dancing but limited to location in hotels, such as cabarets.
  • Use Group 12: Eating or drinking establishments with entertainment and a capacity of more than 200 persons or establishments of any capacity with dancing, such as cabarets.


If the establishment is 75 or more people gathering indoors or on the roof, then a Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation is required.


Let KM Associates help you find the right Zoning Use Group for your eating and drinking establishment. Contact us at (212) 563-6760 or info@kmaofny.com, we’re here to help move your project forward!

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