June 7, 2023

Introducing the “Tenant Protection Plan Compliance Inspection” In Accordance With The 2022 Building Code

We would like to make you aware that our sister company, Crosscheck Inspection Services, LLC is fully equipped to perform all the new Special Inspections required by the 2022 Building Code, including the TPP Inspection. To request a TPP quote visit: https://tppasap.com/ or call 646.856.8994 x38

As Confirmed by the New York City Department of Buildings, each trade will need to have its own Tenant Protection Plan (TPP) and TPP Inspection, even if subsequent filings are made under the main job document.

To ensure compliance with TPP requirements, the following inspections must be performed at a minimum:

  1. Prior to the start of construction and/or demolition, a TPP Compliance inspection will document conditions before work commences.
  2. At the start of construction and/or demolition, an inspection is required.
  3. Once per week during construction and/or demolition, regular inspections are mandatory.
  4. After a TPP violation has been issued, an inspection will verify that the violation has been rectified.
  5. If the alteration construction operations have been relocated to another location, an inspection is necessary.
  6. Whenever construction operations have changed, requiring updated means or methods of protection, an inspection is needed.

For sign-off, please refer to Code section 1705.26.1 for detailed inspection requirements, unless your project falls into one of the exceptions listed below:

  1. Three Family Home
  2. Interior of a single occupied dwelling unit with no disruption to essential services of other units. For a dwelling unit within a property owned by a condo or shareholder, the unit must be occupied by the owners of record for that unit.
  3. Interior of a single dwelling unit of an occupied multiple dwelling three stories or less in height.

Rest assured that Crosscheck will adhere to the prescribed scheduling requirements outlined in the 2022 DOB code.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to ensuring full compliance with the new requirements and providing comprehensive inspection services.

KM Associates has moved! Please update your records with our new address: 14 Penn Plaza – 16th Floor, NY, NY  10122

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